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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) pits two teams against each other: the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. Both sides are tasked with eliminating the other while also completing separate objectives...
With prices starting from $12/mo.
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CSGO hosting server
CS:GO Novice
High Performance CSGO Servers starting at:
$15.00 /month
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  • Intel Xeon
    100% of 3.50Ghz CPU
  • RAM DDR4
    4GB (Guaranteed)
    30GB SSD
  • Game Slots
    Recommended for 20-30 Players
CSGO hosting server
CS:GO Rookie
High Performance CSGO Servers starting at:
$25.00 /month
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  • Intel Xeon
    150% of 3.50Ghz CPU
  • RAM DDR4
    6GB (Guaranteed)
    30GB SSD
  • Game Slots
    Recommended for 40-60 Players
CSGO hosting server
High Performance CSGO Servers starting at:
$35.00 /month
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  • Intel Xeon
    200% of 3.50Ghz CPU
  • RAM DDR4
    8GB (Guaranteed)
    30GB SSD
  • Game Slots
    Recommended for more than 70 Players

Stop paying for slots

Why choose our CSGO servers?

Why pay for fixed game slots while you can have it all. Our game servers are designed for performance.

CSGO hosting server
NO Fixed Game Slots

Why pay for fixed game slots while you can have it all. Our game servers are designed for performance.

Fast Activation
CSGO hosting server
Fast Activation

CSGO server comes online within 5 minutes of placing an order. You'll immediately receive an email with link to the game panel.

Custom Panel
CSGO hosting server
Intuitive Control Panel

Our gaming panel was custom designed for the smooth managing of your CSGO game servers. Have a look here.

Terraria server hosting with DDoS Protection

Most Powerful DDoS Protection

XgamingServer engineers analysed how the most popular online games worked like Terraria, Minecraft, Team Fortress they studied and identified the vulnerabilities of different applications, and the different attack strategies. and developed the best protection against DDoS attacks.

High Performance Hardware

The Servers used for CSGO are high performance and availability Machines that ensure you enjoy your CSGO multiplayer experience to the fullest.

Terraria Hosting Server performance

 Terraria Hosting Server monitoring 24/7/365

24/7/365 Monitoring & Support

Our CSGO hosting servers are monitored to ensure any system failure is reported as soon as possible. And with the support team ready to answer your tickets.

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How much RAM do I need for my CSGO Hosting Server?

First you need to know CSGO utilizes two CPU threads. One is the main game thread and the other is the networking thread. A thread can use about 100% CPU. We advise people start out with the 100% CPU Deal..


Main Game Thread

This thread does most of the core stuff in the game, including handling all the addons. This will normally be working the hardest of the two. It's common for this thread to be sitting at around ~60% CPU on busy servers.

Networking Thread

The networking thread normally uses up about ~15% on a busy server, but if you leverage it correctly it will work pretty hard. To really take advantage of this thread you need a map properly setup with area portals (PVS).

Why choose our CSGO server hosting


Lower pings

Ping is the delay for a round trip between your game client and  your CSGO server, measured in milliseconds

Ideally the lower the ping the better the game experience you'll have, as there will be less latency and less lag.

Our CSGO servers boast very lower pings for your better experience


No Slot limits.

At Xgamingserver we proud ourselves in selling dedicated server resources rather than game slots. Once you order our game server you can add as many players as the resources can handle. Want all your 255 friends to join your server? Knock yourself out but this will impact your gameplay so if you have a team of many players then upgrade to CSGO Rookie or Pro Servers


DDOS Protection

Our CSGO servers are secured with state of the art DDOss Protection. this is because the online gaming and esports sector are prone to Most DDOS attacks, therefore is essential that our servers be constantly protected against these frequent massive threats.


Easy CSGO MetaMod & SourceMod on the server 

As detailed in the guide. It's a Walk in the park. 

Yes, most people like to customize their csgo game by installing mods and at Xgmaingserver, we make it as easy for you.


CSGO Server Location.

Our CSGO server are located in Europe and Canada at the moment and we hope to expand to more locations in the next coming months. Server location affects your ping and lag so it is always advisable to rent CSGO server that are closest to you.


CSGO Custom Control panel.

Our control panel is custom built and is optimized for the games we host. Unlike most game hosting companies that use clunky generic control panel for all games.

Here's a snapshot for the panel. We know Its fancy


Customer support

At XgmaingServer we value our customers and we respond to your tickets ASAP. 


High-Performance hardware for CSGO servers.

Our servers are hosted on high availability and performance servers. We use the Intel i7 6700k/7700k. Some of the fastest single-core CPUs on the market. high performance equals to better game experience.


Bandwidth requirement.

Our CSGO server are hosted on a 250mBps network interface. this is sufficient for any game. as CSGO game servers recorded at least 15mbps. If a game server exceeds the bandwith capacity of the network interface gameplay may be negatively affected. 


CSGO Server Login Token required


What is a CSGO Server Login token?

Gameserver Login Tokens (GSLTs) is a procedure that Steam has implemented as a security measure. In order to run gameservers of certain Steam Games ( eg CSGO) it is necessary to generate a token.

 What is the purpose of a CSGO login token?

In the past, Valve made a few rule changes for hosting a game server. Not all game server operators have followed those regulations. As a consequence, the IP addresses of game servers were banned.

However, this method was not effective, since it could easily be bypassed with a new IP address and was also a huge issue for game server providers. The reason for this is that by banning the IP address, other customers were often also affected.

That’s why this system has been implemented, which instead bans the token and blocks the linked Steam Account for further game server operation.

 Create CSGO token

To create a gameserver login token, you need to be logged in to the Steam website. The Token can be created here: Steam Game Server Account Management

You will need the CSGO login token to order a game server

Rent CSGO server hosting


Host your own CS:GO server with xgamingserver.com, invite friends for unlimited fun with affordable super speed servers. We offer lag-free CS:GO server hosting for fun experience for you and your friends, gamer community or fans.

Why Choose our CS:GO Server Hosting?

Our team works effortlessly to bring the best service; we make sure you play your games smoothly. We wish to deliver the best experience for you as you rent server hosting with us.

Games like CS:GO gives the best experience when you play with friends, CS:GO demands good ping and smooth servers to bring your skills to the limit. The fast paced-shooter game is all about reflexes. Sometimes playing on Steam can result in long waits for matchups and ranking. However, hosting CS:GO with our servers will keep you entertained without lags or long waiting times. Invite your friends or gaming community to join the fun at Fatality Servers. We make sure you enjoy seamless gaming when you host games with us.

Perfect for practice & competitive matchmaking

While many gamers play casually to kill time or relax, many gamers play the game for competition and Esports. If you and your friends aspire to become professional gamers, host tournaments or practice for any upcoming events, you’ll love renting our servers. Hosting game server allows good ping within various regions, and it is also perfect for local network practice with your friends or community.

While playing online, you’ll be matched with different kinds of people. In almost every game, you end up playing with toxic players who’ll scream into the microphone for every kill or death. Sometimes you’ll meet game trolls or even hackers. Here on fatality servers, you’ll enjoy a healthy and friendly gaming environment with your friends and community.

CS:GO hosting that’s perfect for streaming

Twitch  is increasing in popularity in recent years. If you already have audiences on twitch or you’re thinking about streaming on your own channel, hosting servers for demos and mods will benefit you the best. It makes a perfect gaming platform for game lovers to enjoy the freedom of gaming privately or create a playground for gamers. With our server hosting, you’ll have excellent gaming experience you wish for.

Since CS:GO is a widely known game across the globe, it has been a dream for many gamers to host private server to play with friends and family. Now, you can rent your own CS:GO servers with super-fast hosting. Be a part of Fatality servers and enjoy quality gaming, the best experience awaits you!


About Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global offensive  is the world’s most popular competitive FPS game; the game has millions of concurrent active players across the globe. Counter Strike has one of the biggest influences on First-person Shooter games in gaming history. The iconic Counter Strike has been released since 1999, the remodeled Counter Strike of classic original ‘CS:GO’ is the fourth game of Counter Strike series. CS:GO was launched in 2012.


Compete against the players in the battle arena between counter-terrorist and terrorist with tons of game modes such as deathmatch, hostage, danger zone, arms race or classic casual, etc. The game delivers seamless controls with fast-paced shooting, tons of maps and exotic arms and weapons. Join the party and compete among the players with super-fast aiming reflex, CS:GO still lives up to its name with millions of players around the world.

Rent your own CS:GO game server for Windows or Linus, Fatality Servers offers optimized servers with no lags or hassle.

How To Install MetaMod & SourceMod on A CSGO Server

Renting CSGO servers are one of the best entertainment long time Counter-Strike fans go to these days. The reason is simple: It is incredible. However, if one is hosting a private server, there are some few bits and pieces that have to be installed. For the server to stand out and to run without complications.

Of course, we are talking about  Modding . When it comes to CSGO servers and the half-life engine, there are to Plugins that are necessary for the best results. Let us discuss how to install the MetaMod and SourceMod for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers.

How to install MetaMod:

MetaMod is an vital mod plugin, and it is built with and for the half-life engine. Since it is a very dynamic tool, it allows the half-Life engine to run with mod addons and plugins. Initially, it is essential if a player wants to mod their CSGO server in any way. Follow the instructions to install the MetaMod on the CSGO servers.

  1. Extract and store the Files : The files will be downloaded as a — zip file. Extract the data onto a folder and save it to the desktop. The file should contain an “addon” folder.
  2. Locate the server directory : The Server directory is the location where the addons will be stored. In the case of a private server, use an FTP client to run and open the server directory. Otherwise, simply go to the Server Directory from the Local discs. After that simply drag the folder into the main CSGO directory.
  3. The next step is simple: Generate a VDF file for CSGO  using the Link  http://www.sourcemm.net/?go=vdf.  The method is rather simple. Just select Game and click on “ generate metaMod.VDF”  option and the file should be downloaded automatically.
  4. Before proceeding, check the file. Run it with Word pad or Notepad and see if the text is correct:

“File” “../csgo/addons/ metamod /bin/server”

Install the SourceMod:

Now that the MetaMod has been taken care of, the CSGO servers should be able to run the SourceMod. This will allow the server to be more versatile and install more mods and plugins. Of course, first, the player will need the SourceMod files.

They are useful in several ways, starting from better accessibility and permissions. Furthermore, it provides a better user-friendly navigation menu for the server hosts. In any case, if the server host wants to install additional mods and plugins, then SourceMod becomes a mandatory download for any Counterstrike fans.

  1. Download the SourceMod latest version. The files should be available for all platforms at  Sourcemod.net
  2. The data will again be downloaded as a .zip file which would contain cfg and addon files. Simply extract the data
  3. Use the FTP client to navigate into the server directory or manually go through the Local Disc Directories.
  4. Finally, move the mid folder into the CSGO Server Directory. The Addons folder will now have three files. Metamod.vdf that was copied earlier, SourceMod and MetaMod sub-folders.
  5. Now we edit the .ini file of Metamod to be able to run Sourcemod. The data should be present in the Metamod folder, find the .ini file and open it with a text editor. Scroll down and add lines “addons/sourcemod/bins/sourcemod_mm” at the bottom of the document.
  6. After that, simply restart the server and SourceMod should be running.

Errors and fixes:

If the instruction is followed, there should be no errors. However, if there is, chances are the files were not downloaded correctly, or some steps were overlooked. To avoid that situation, make sure to:

  • Download compatible versions of both the mod files
  • Make sure there is no corrupted or missing data
  • Do not skip the .vdf file creation and don’t make any tampers with the script
  • Do not change anything else in the metamod.ini file while the .vdf is being edited in.

If the files are still not running, causing crashes or freezes in the server, reinstalling will solve the process. Just make sure to clean the slate before doing so. If you’re still running into issues with your CSGO server hosting, contact us and we’ll help you out as soon as possible.

F.A.Q About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Gaming Servers

This are some of the random questions asked about (CS:GO) Gaming Servers.

How Long before my CSGO server comes online?

Once you place an order and complete payment, CSGO server will be fired up and installed within minutes. You will then receive an email with our game panel login link and notifying you that your server is installed.

So you'll just create a password to the panel and access your CSGO server.

What is the monthly cost of renting a server?

Our costs for CSGo servers are broken down as shown above from 15 to 35 dollars. Want anything custom just reach out.

Will my server be always online?

We constantly monitor our servers our team will be ready to intervene if your server becomes unavailable. 

How long do I have to rent a server?

Our CSGO servers are rented for monthly cycles but you are free to cancel anytime you feel.

Can I switch my server?

Bored with CSGO? No worries we can switch your server to any other game server that we host.

How many slots do my CSGO servers have?

As we mentioned we don't sell slots but dedicated server resources. want more slots than our default game slots just hit us up and will sort you out.

Can I install MetaMod & SourceMod to my CSGO server?

sure you can install mods to your CSGO server. We'll be putting up a detailed guide on how you can install metamods and source mods on your servers.

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